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    The Odd Number, Specifically 9

    Let’s be real, everyone either favors even numbers or odd numbers. Personally, I have always gravitated more towards even numbers. I’m not exactly sure why, but is anyone really sure why? I know I like writing even numbers better (maybe because I’m aware I hold a pencil weird.) And as silly as it seems, I even think they just look nicer when written down. But at the end of the day, I’m aware it’s ridiculous to even choose sides over this. However, in my parenting experience, I have noticed my oldest daughter Hailey and I seem to have an easier time during her milestones when her age coincides with an…

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    Latest Shopping Haul

    The more it actually starts to FEEL like fall outside, the more I want to shop. It really is my favorite season to dress for. I love being able to wear light layers, thin sweaters, booties and jeans. Within the last month or so, I have found some really good items that I couldn’t wait to share with you guys! Some things I got are super affordable and other items I instantly fell in love with, so I splurged on them a bit.

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    My Favorite Fall Activities

    To all my local readers, this one is for you. Just like every other girl says, fall is my favorite. But no… really it is. I am not just saying that to be relevant on the internet. I love a great outdoor activity that doesn’t involve me sweating profusely. I actually don’t enjoy most things pumpkin flavored. EXCEPT pumpkin pie, which if you don’t like, just stop reading this now…. Because chances are you’re not a real person. And let’s face it, at this age in my life, I am way more comfortable layering for an outfit, than I am wearing next to nothing. Not to mention how beautiful and…

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    Five Items You NEED For Fall

    Recently I had an amazing photo shoot done and I am so excited to show you some sneak peak pictures! Christina is not just an old associate of mine but she is also a dear friend. She is truly talented and she really captured everything I was looking for and so much more. Going into this shoot I knew I wanted to show you guys not only multiple looks, but more importantly versatile staple pieces. Quality over quantity is a must during fall! Especially when you live in a state where if you blink, the weather changes.

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    Patio Renovation!

    I know what your thinking….. a patio renovation blog at the end of summer? Really? But let’s be honest, would I really be doing this MY way if I got things done on time? Nope. I am all about keeping it real and let’s face it… with two kids, two dogs, birthday’s, life events, seriously JUST ALLL OF THE THINGS, momma was BUSY this summer. All while still trying to find time to renovate and decorate. I will however, let you know I put a lot of heart and soul into how I wanted this space to look. I knew I wanted a space outside that the whole family and…

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    Nordstrom Sale!

    I know this is a little late to the game BUT due to Nordstrom’s website malfunction, I still have not recieved ANY of my packages. Whomp whomp. So that made it a little more difficult to do a try on for you guys and show you different looks. (Oh, and them charging my credit card over two thousand dollars, I’m not bitter, just keeping it real with you guys.) HOWEVER, TOMORROW the sale opens up to the public, fingers crossed they restock all the things, I thought I would still share some of my favorites. Things I bought and things still on my wish list. Especially because not everyone has…

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    Back To School Shopping!

    That’s right guys, it’s already that time of year again! I know some people don’t go back to school until the beginning of September but in Ohio we only have four weeks until school starts back up. WHERE DID THE SUMMER GO? Hailey, my almost nine year old, starts August 15th. I don’t think she was necessarily excited about it until today when we picked up some goodies at our favorite store, Target. (Not Nordstrom for the sale like everyone else haha) We did a little try on session and she modeled everything proudly (HA!) for me. She is just obsessed with the Cat & Jack apparel and I do…

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    Mom Guilt

    So many bloggers have been talking about this lately and I just think it’s awesome. It is an actual thing that so many people don’t even realize. So I just want to put my two cents in on the subject because it’s something I have been struggling with since Rory was born. I think because I was so much younger with my first daughter Hailey that it just didn’t occur to me that “mom guilt” was a thing. I was too busy working, taking classes online and running around that I didn’t have time to even feel guilty. I knew I was doing it all for her. However, now that…

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    6 Baby Must Haves

    Let’s face it, as women the second we find out we are pregnant it is in our nature to run to the store and shop. Even if we’re not necessarily buying, it’s just fun for us to look and be prepared. Because let’s be real, what is more fun than baby shopping?!?! This time around I realized there was A MILLION new baby items out there. Stuff that never existed when I was pregnant with Hailey. So naturally, I did what every mom does, I said I needed all of it. Then I registered for it. Then I bought everything I didn’t get after my baby shower. #imcrazy. It didn’t…

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    Essential Tops for a Mom on the Go!

    This one is going to be short and sweet! You’re welcome haha. I have a lot of fellow mom followers, some I know and some I don’t. But they all ask the same question, “What are some easy on the go looks?” If you haven’t noticed by my instagram pictures, my look is always pretty simple. It has been just recently that I have been branching out with different jeans. Most of the time though I always stick to high waist skinny jeans, cause #momhips. With just a casual sweater or top and sometimes another layer. It just makes it easier as a mom to have an outfit that is…

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