Two Wild Rabbits

Two Wild Rabbits

HOLY MOLEY! Guys… It has been so long! But, like I once said, I will always blog at my own pace. Although, next time I promise it won’t be so long. Not to mention, my laptop kind of crapped the bed for a minute and I just got it back recently. (I was slacking to have it fixed considering everything else that’s going on.)

A lot of you follow me on Instagram and kinda have a feel for what’s been going on in my life. Basically the entire reason I’ve been MIA from so much Instagramming or blogging. However, some of you are about to be blind sided. TRUTH IS… THE LAST 5 MONTHS HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE. In the absolute best way ever. So much has happened that I figured it was probably a good time to make a post to catch you all up!

First things first…. There’s this amazing guy and we fell in love. Thats’s how all incredible stories start, right? But for you anti-romantics out there, hear me out. His name is Robb and we really both just fell in love immediately after spending some quality time together. We both just knew we didn’t want to leave each other’s side again. A short while later, the girls and I moved to Columbus and moved in with him. Crazy I know, but the best decision I’ve ever made. Things have never felt more right. Then we decided to really mix things up and he bought a new house. YAY… WHO DOESN’T LOVE MOVING TWICE, HA! AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT? (all the sarcasm in the world if you couldn’t tell.) But in all seriousness, it was beyond worth it. The same date we closed on the house, he bought me the most beautiful engagement ring. SOOOOO…. WERE GETTING MARRIED!!!!

We have spent so much time these last couple months turning this house into our dream home. We ripped up tile, we laid tile. We tore up carpet to then lay new hard wood floors. We gutted a bathroom and re-did it in it’s entirety within 24 hours. We painted until we couldn’t feel our fingers. We spent a ridiculous amount replacing ALL the appliances because we both have OCD and they obviously couldn’t not match. We’ve shiplapped walls and did a reclaimed wood wall. We’ve hung up decorations and filled every room with an abundance of plants. We continuously cook new and different meals (mostly) everyday. We’ve remembered to take the time to date and we’ve enjoyed a vacation of our own and several small camping trips with the kids. ALL TOGETHER. ALL in pure happiness. And this is just the beginning. We have so many more adventures and home renovations ahead of us, and I can’t wait.

He has clearly had such a huge impact on me and the girls. He has helped mold and transform our lives for the better. I don’t think any of us have ever been happier. Not to mention, all of our kids instantly clicked. Which to both of us was just another sign we couldn’t ignore. He has two, Camille who is fourteen and Finn who is nine. They are just as amazing as him and I am incredibly lucky to have them in my life. BUT, HE IS SIMPLY PERFECT (for me) in every way. He spends every waking moment making sure were all happy, making sure we have everything we need, making sure were safe and definitely making sure we feel loved. He endlessly dedicates all of his time for me (& of course our kids) and puts up with most of my crazy ideas. He’s taught me so many new things and has introduced me into new hobbies to get into. I feel like Cinderella or like I’m living in a dream.

Long story short, this is the start of a beautiful life with my one true soulmate. Anyone following me might want to get used to all this sappy love stuff, cause it’s never gonna stop now! Also, for anyone interested in seeing our homes progress feel free to follow our Instagram page we started together @twowildrabbits. We’ve been off to a decent posting start but plan to get much better, just like me and blogging ;)!