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    Two Months and One Ephihany

    Hey Guys.. Wow, it’s been two months since I’ve blogged… yup, you read that right, TWO MONTHS. And believe me, that is not something I’m proud to admit AT ALL. But you know what? Life happens. And during all that time that I wasn’t writing, we had Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not an excuse at all, just happened to be the perfect recipe for an overworked mother. Meaning, on top of my normal stay at home mom & house work routine; I was trying to keep up with holiday shopping, gift wrapping, holiday parties and other gatherings with friends/family. Which is not as easy as you think with two kids. So…

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    Secret Rapini Recipe

    At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share my secret recipe with you guys. Then so many people voted ‘HECK YEAH’ on my Instagram story, so I felt compelled. Now let me warn you… I am no chef. Even though I claim to be every time I cook something and it turns out amazing, which is also every time I cook. haha #chefheather. But with that being said, I don’t typically measure out ANYTHING. I simply go with my gut and taste buds. (See what I did there?) Therefore, I am going to give you all the ingredients you’ll need and then let you guesstimate how much of…

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    My Favorite Fall Activities

    To all my local readers, this one is for you. Just like every other girl says, fall is my favorite. But no… really it is. I am not just saying that to be relevant on the internet. I love a great outdoor activity that doesn’t involve me sweating profusely. I actually don’t enjoy most things pumpkin flavored. EXCEPT pumpkin pie, which if you don’t like, just stop reading this now…. Because chances are you’re not a real person. And let’s face it, at this age in my life, I am way more comfortable layering for an outfit, than I am wearing next to nothing. Not to mention how beautiful and…