Two Months and One Ephihany

Two Months and One Ephihany

Hey Guys..

Wow, it’s been two months since I’ve blogged… yup, you read that right, TWO MONTHS. And believe me, that is not something I’m proud to admit AT ALL. But you know what? Life happens. And during all that time that I wasn’t writing, we had Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not an excuse at all, just happened to be the perfect recipe for an overworked mother. Meaning, on top of my normal stay at home mom & house work routine; I was trying to keep up with holiday shopping, gift wrapping, holiday parties and other gatherings with friends/family. Which is not as easy as you think with two kids. So before I knew it, all hell had basically broke loose.

During that time, I also did multiple photoshoots/collaborations, I started an Instagram & am taking photos for a local record store (AND I LOVE IT! Go follow @toxicbeautyrecords!) and have been taking the girls out on more adventures (light shows, plays, museums, etc.). While we were already overloaded… let’s throw in the fact that the girls have been sick more than usual this winter (yuck!), I’ve gotten sick more than usual (yuck again! GERMS!), and I still have a pretty big secret I still haven’t shared. But, don’t worry that blog post is next and no it won’t take two months or maybe it will, ha! Overall, I’ve been more focused in my real life and less involved in my phone/computer/social media life.

After all was said and done, I had an epiphany, I am not superwoman. And it’s completely okay that I’m not. Then I realized, I don’t have to write on my blog a certain amount of times a week or month just to please everyone else. Especially when there are a million other things happening in my life that are more important to me. That just because all the other bloggers in the world are doing that, doesn’t mean I have to. That sometimes writing just isn’t going to work for how I prioritize my time and my lifestyle. (I mean… my girls won’t be the age they are forever and I am not okay with missing out on things.) That I have to write when I know I can put 100% effort into it and it isn’t forced or rushed. Once I was done realizing all of that and I stopped feeling guilty for not writing, I could breath again.

Long story short, just be patient with me because I am only one person. Meaning sometimes, like during the crazy busy holidays, it may take me two months to write a post. And other times, when I’m more relaxed and not being strangled with life, it may only take me two days. But at the end of the day, as long as I’m happy and my family is happy, nothing else really matters. I am however VERY consistent with my Instagram though (considering it literally takes seconds to post a picture with a silly caption). So if you guys ever have any questions or want to chat about anything specific, feel free to DM me there or email me!