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    Ultimate Gender Reveal & How to Shop

    Ever since Robb and I announced we were expecting EVERYONE has been asking us, “DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR HAVING?!” Which is to be expected I guess. The generation were living in has normalized finding out the sex of your baby and throwing some sort of over the top/ridiculous ‘Gender Reveal’ party. As for us, that’s not really our style. We decided early on to kick it old school and have the ‘ultimate gender reveal’. Meaning we are waiting until birth to find out the sex of our baby. CRAZY RIGHT? I KNOW! But if you break it down and actually think about it, the ultrasound to reveal the gender…

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    Hair & Beauty Products I Swear By

    Everyone has their own skin care and make up routine that they swear by. For awhile I struggled finding the items that worked best for me and my skin type. A lot of things would either make me break out, further dry out my skin or make blemishes appear worse than they really were. It’s so important and has helped me so much to figure out what skin type I have and start spending money on products that actually helped. If it wasn’t enough for us females to already have to worry about all that; we also have to deal with making sure we don’t further damage our hair after…

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    My Early Fall Wardrobe Picks

    If you know me at all, you know that Fall is definitely my favorite season to dress for. The possibilities are endless with your wardrobe because it’s the one season that is DEFINITELY on your side for layering, or not layering. I love that I can still wear dresses with or without tights and with either booties or sneakers. I love that all chunky sweaters make life more comfortable, yet oh so cute. And I really love knowing I can have a lighter jacket on just to be trendy and not just to stop myself from convulsing in the cold. Needless to say, the fall like weather has me looking/shopping…

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    Paradise in a Tin Can

    With all the kids back in school, I can’t help but to reflect back on how amazing this summer truly was. We traveled, we created a ton of memories with our family and we definitely had way too much fun doing it all. Robb has brought out a side of myself (and my two kiddos) that I didn’t even know really existed. We all thank you for that babe! Most, if not all, of these new experiences and adventures involved our beloved 1994 Sovereign Airstream. Robb had it for about a year or so before we met, but let me just tell you, it was love at first sight for…

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    Two Wild Rabbits

    HOLY MOLEY! Guys… It has been so long! But, like I once said, I will always blog at my own pace. Although, next time I promise it won’t be so long. Not to mention, my laptop kind of crapped the bed for a minute and I just got it back recently. (I was slacking to have it fixed considering everything else that’s going on.) A lot of you follow me on Instagram and kinda have a feel for what’s been going on in my life. Basically the entire reason I’ve been MIA from so much Instagramming or blogging. However, some of you are about to be blind sided. TRUTH IS……

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    Two Months and One Ephihany

    Hey Guys.. Wow, it’s been two months since I’ve blogged… yup, you read that right, TWO MONTHS. And believe me, that is not something I’m proud to admit AT ALL. But you know what? Life happens. And during all that time that I wasn’t writing, we had Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not an excuse at all, just happened to be the perfect recipe for an overworked mother. Meaning, on top of my normal stay at home mom & house work routine; I was trying to keep up with holiday shopping, gift wrapping, holiday parties and other gatherings with friends/family. Which is not as easy as you think with two kids. So…

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    Photoshoot Fun with Nora

    Ever just meet someone and you just instantly click? That was me meeting Nora. I was working at the Yellow Springs Street Fair, selling my dear friend Amy’s bath/body goodies (her business name is Retreat Street, be sure to check her out on Instagram!) and Nora just happened to stop by the booth! Long story short, and mainly because my memory is of a gnat, we got to talking about how she is a photographer and I am a blogger. She was so cute & outgoing and just overall fun and easy to talk to, I knew immediately we had to work together.

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    DIY Costume – Bob’s Burgers

    This year for Halloween I decided to do things a bit differently than I usually do. Instead of going out and purchasing some lame pre put together costumes, that cost a million dollars for no reason, I decided to put them together myself. Gathering cheaper items from Target, Amazon and Gap. I did even go to Spirit Halloween for one item, but even that particular item was under ten dollars. So if your wanting to nail the Bob’s Burgers Family next year for Halloween, here is what I purchased for our costumes.

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    NYC Takeover

    The moment I saw that The Bouncing Souls, one of my favorite bands, were playing on The Liberty Belle in NYC I knew I had to go. Not only that, but I knew instantly who I had to go with. My forever best friend Jaimie (DUH, NO BRAINER). Considering both of us grew up in New Jersey with the Souls, it was only in our nature for us to finally see them together. Not to mention the fact that NYC is our favorite city and if you didn’t know… The Liberty Belle IS A BOAT! Like seriously, I didn’t think it could get any better, it was fate. However for…

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    Secret Rapini Recipe

    At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share my secret recipe with you guys. Then so many people voted ‘HECK YEAH’ on my Instagram story, so I felt compelled. Now let me warn you… I am no chef. Even though I claim to be every time I cook something and it turns out amazing, which is also every time I cook. haha #chefheather. But with that being said, I don’t typically measure out ANYTHING. I simply go with my gut and taste buds. (See what I did there?) Therefore, I am going to give you all the ingredients you’ll need and then let you guesstimate how much of…